Mt Kembla MX 340 two-stroke Cup a winner

When a small committee within Wollongong Motorcycle Club was formed to create a two-stroke-only race day, they were optimistic it would be a success.

But when 200 enthusiasts registered the committee realised it would go down in club history.

Spectators lined the fences and grandstands were packed all day.


On October 23, riders from all corners of NSW, aged eight to 58, competed on bikes ranging from early ’70s Husqvarnas to new Yamaha YZ250s to the 500cc two-strokes of the late ’90s including CR500s and Kawasaki KX500s.

“The concept behind the Mount Kembla MX340 Two-Stroke Cup was simple; get the old forgotten two-strokes out of the shed and mix them up with a few modern two-strokes, then go racing and have fun,” said co-creator Michael Johnson.

“One thing was certain though, the only valves allowed on the day were power valves!”

The introduction of four-strokes with the Yamaha YZ400 in 1998 was a game changer.

Co-creator Alan Ninness explained:

“Many people believe that four-strokes have taken a lot of the excitement out of racing.

“Two-strokes are lighter, they are explosive in their power delivery and never cease to leave a smile on your face.

“Our mandate was to showcase the Club and run a meeting that the motocross community has been wanting.

“Meghan Rutledge said on the podium that she had raced all over the world and it was the best race day she had ever been to.”

City Coast Motorcycles’ Justin Bush (aka Bushy) was ecstatic about the Cup:

“It was so good to see all the original two-stroke fans come out of the woodwork.

“Guys like Dean Burt, Paul Grant and Crusty Demon FMX/MX freak Joel Balchin.

“Props for Andrew Ektoros from Wollongong MCC for a perfectly prepped track with bubble gum ruts,” Bushy said.

The day’s honours went to MX Team City Coast Motorcycles Corey James:

“Racing on a borrowed bike, the 300 two-stroke was a blast.

“It was an awesome atmosphere racing with all two-strokes which I haven’t done since I was junior,” he said.

Sponsors jumped at the opportunity to come on board.

“We decided to make the main event prizes redeemable at the businesses that supported the event and that support our club: City Coast Motorcycles, Dirt Bike Factory and Trevor Jordan Motorcycles answered the call,” Alan said.

Wollongong Motorcycle Club is already looking to 2017:

“We will be running the event next year and it will be bigger and better.

“We expect racers will be searching the web for old bikes to buy or restore,” Michael said.

-By Jane Sim

Jane is the Marketing and Events Manager for City Coast Motorcycles.

Photo: Noel Downey – Wollongong Images.

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