Island Fever – Journey to WSBK

LIKE a distant call from the wild, each year we are drawn to a unique southern location, a place where the weather is never the same as the minute before, where whispers of legends and heroes echo through the paddocks, and where machines of different breeds are free to roam in the outer pastures. […]


Journey’s End

IT’S been a long time since I’ve ridden either but I never did come down in favour of the Pacific or the New England as a method of covering the 1000 or so kilometres between home base and Brisbane. […]

Motorcycle News

Vietnam Tour Video

David Rose is an accomplished shooter and has travelled with Vietnam Motorbike Tours a number of times – here he’s put together an excellent short video of the things he’s seen on tour. […]


Accentuate the positive

WHETHER we like it or not, our annual visits to the UK are pretty well inevitable for the immediate future. My mother, now 91, is over there still alive and kicking and so’s the wife’s, so I understand it’s part of my duties to go and sit with her and chat. […]


39 kilometres

IN RESPONSE to Sandy’s yell I turned off the freeway too early, dropping off its shoulder and down through a tight right turn onto a battered old road that ran parallel to the bright new freeway for a couple of kilometres before hooking up to form a junction with the exit we should have taken. […]



While it took me a while to appreciate the significance of JFK’s murder, the news of Jarno Saarinen’s death had an impact that was both immediate and profound […]