It’s all clear now – Anti-Fog Rx Adaptors

THERE is a new range of lenses on the market now for the Rx Adaptors for your dirt bike goggle and it’s Anti-Fog.

Of course the main benefit with using the Rx adaptor is that even if you’re working through a really snotty bit of terrain, you’re hot and huffing and puffing and it’s raining, they will not fog up.

Testing included holding them over a kettle, wearing them in the shower, putting them in the freezer for four hours then running them into a warm room and they remained clear every time It’s not just a coating, it’s actually in the molecules of the lens itself.

Goggleman say they have tried every anti-fog wipe, spray and cream on the market and nothing comes close to this.

Available in all prescriptions for the Rx adaptor in CR39 plastic for $225 with your Rx in the adaptor to Polycarbonate which is 100 per cent impact resistant for $285.

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