Isle of Man – Day 13

In Alex’s words again.

Well, I’ve had plenty of luck but it’s all bad.
Felt good from the start, the team tweaked the rear shock a bit for the race and it was great.

My first lap was just over 115mph, then on my second lap I was apparently 40 seconds faster to Ramsey. Weather was iffy over the mountain, spots of rain on my visor. Second time over the mountain it was raining and road very wet in spots.

The 600 was spinning up on the white lines everywhere but when I got the Keppel Gate the bike went off song so I quickly pulled the clutch in and switched it off to prevent further damage.

I was gutted because I felt I was on a quick lap. Not much I could do about it though. I was able to get a lift back in the Subaru course car straight after the race, with Connor Cummins and Mark Parrett. That was bloody quick.

There was supposed to be the Superstock 1000 race at 6.15pm but the organisers ended up postponing it to tomorrow. It starts at 12.15pm IOM time, 9.15pm Aussie time.

John, Mick and Gaz from TC Racing will be changing the engine overnight so it’s right for Wednesday’s second Supersport race. They were gutted too, and I think Mick felt as though he let me down but they have all done a fantastic job. These 600s get a terrible time here, it’s a wonder they last one lap. This place is hard on bikes. I feel privileged that the team asked me to ride for them.

Then it was down to the Villa Marina with dad and my friend Steph to get my finishers medal for the Superbike race from Phillip McCallen. That was fantastic, and to see guys like Michael Dunlop, Guy Martin and John McGuinness on the same stage after me made me feel a bit special.

All riders were asked to also sign a special Simon Andrews banner which will be auctioned for charity.

I am now a TT rider. Everything I’ve ever done on a motorcycle is nothing compared to riding on the TT mountain course.

I later found out that Bob Price, one of the competitors in the Supersport race died at an incident at Ballaugh Bridge. I didn’t see the crash as I had already retired by that point. He was 65 I believe, and a seasoned TT competitor. I don’t know exactly what happened, and it highlights what can happen here. Very sad.

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