Honda’s new naked direction

Honda has unveiled a minimalist but aggressively-styled 2018 CB1000R at the Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA), November 7.

2018 Honda CB1000R unveiled front three quarter static studio

The new CB1000R is a production version of the Neo-Sports Café Concept showcased at the recent Tokyo Motor Show.

Following an early-2018 European release, the CB1000R is expected to be available in America by their summer, so we could see it arrive in Australia by June.

The CB’s bold shift in identity is bolstered by an impressive list of updates to the chassis, engine, and electronics package, in a coup to bridge the gap between modern performance and café racer inspirations.

2018 honda cb1000r unveiled rear three quarter action left

Lee Edmunds, American Honda’s Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications, said “the CB1000R has always represented high performance in a naked four-cylinder machine, and while we knew that retaining that approach was important, we also felt it was time to take the platform in a new direction.”

“Increasingly, customer expectations walk a line between high-end performance and character, so it’s vital that there be a strong, emotional connection between rider and machine.

“With the new approach of the 2018 CB1000R, customers will experience increased pride in ownership while also benefiting from greatly improved handling and engine performance.”

2018 Honda CB1000R overview:

  • Distinctly styled round headlight, swingarm-mounted rear mudguard unit (a first for Honda) offers a refined appearance
  • Burnished-aluminum radiator shroud and airbox cover plus machined engine cases, cylinder head, and sprocket hub
  • Flangeless tank provides plenty of knee room through distinct cutaways
  • All-LED lighting and horseshoe-shaped light ring bring a modern flare to retro styling
  • Half an inch wider tapered-aluminum handlebar sits half an inch higher for more relaxed riding position
  • Mono-backbone steel frame uses split-tightening aluminum pivot plates, saving around two and a half kilos
  • Total curb weight has been reduced for improved handling and more rider-friendly performance
  • Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston unit (SFF-BP) offers reduced weight and excellent on-road performance
  • 190/55 ZR17 rear tire (compared to 180/55 ZR17 tire on previous model)
  • 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine shares same architecture and layout as CBR1000RR and now employs forged pistons (rather than cast)
  • Higher valve lift, larger valves (8.5mm intake and 8.1mm exhaust), larger-diameter inlet ports, and new combustion-chamber shape improve gas flow and offer improved torque in midrange
  • 4 per cent reduction in gear ratios improves acceleration
  • Assist/slipper clutch offers light lever pull and helps manage aggressive downshifts
  • New 4-2-1 exhaust system boosts torque at 5,000 rom and above, saves weight, and provides the CB1000R with a deeper, rawer exhaust note
  • Throttle By Wire, four riding modes (STANDARD, SPORT, RAIN, and USER), as well as Engine Brake and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)

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