Harley’s new 750

Harley-Davidson has announced a 750cc Street Rod will be available from dealerships in May, 2017.

The machine is a variant of the Street 750, which Australians will know as the Street 500, the first learner-approved motorcycle produced by the American marque.

The Street Rod receives quite a few changes from its overseas counterpart and looks like it will compete as a cruiser-based machine in what is developing into a new market segment.

More and more manufacturers are starting to bring the full-powered versions of their mid-capacity LAMS machines to Australia.

Harley’s chief engineer, Mathew Weber said the 750cc Revolution X motor has a higher output, thanks to “hot cams, gas-flowed heads, more compression and a higher redline.”

The high output engine puts out 65 Newtons of force at 4,000 revs compared to the Street 750’s 59Nm and Street 500’s 40Nm.

But the changes don’t end with the engine, Weber said the chassis should provide “sharp handling” and will be “perfect for urban cut-and-thrust.”

The spec sheet certainly backs this up – with 17-inch wheels and more ground clearance over the Street 500/750, there will be more cornering clearance so it should certainly increase the fun factor on winding roads.

The steering geometries have been made sharper which will allow for quicker steering and better braking especially with twin disc brakes up front.

The styling is pretty similar to the Street 500/750 in that it cuts a similar silouette, but the differences really end there – there’s upside-down forks, a new screen, new wheels, bar-end mirrors, a new seat and new rear section which turns the Street from a more of a cruiser into a bit more of a roadster.

Adam Wright, director of marketing for Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand said “the Street Rod is a perfect addition to the Street family.

“It is an exciting time for Harley-Davidson and our riders.”

We have to agree – the new Street Rod looks like it will be a cracker.

2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Price AU: $12,995 ride-away; NZ: $13,995 ride-away.
Colours: Vivid Black; Charcoal Denim; Olive gold.

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