Harley-Davidson Breakout

HARLEY-Davidson has announced two new models for 2013, the Street Bob Limited Edition, and the Breakout.

“With Breakout (pictured above) we got down to motorcycle essentials, which means emphasizing the powertrain and the wheels,” says Harley-Davidson Styling Manager Kirk Rasmussen.

“The black and chrome engine visually pops out of the centre the bike, and then to maximise the impact of the tyres, the fenders are chopped. We wanted a lot of rubber showing to give the Breakout a tough, muscular look.”

The Gasser wheels are new and specific to the Breakout, according to Rasmussen. “We’ve always loved the gasser-style drag racing wheels from the 1960s and ’70s,” says Rasmussen. “Our wheels are loosely inspired by those classics. Each wheel has 10 half-round spokes. The gloss-black powdercoat is machined away on alternating spokes and the rim edge to expose the aluminium under the paint. “To lower Breakout’s overall profile, we placed the speedometer on the handlebar riser,” says Rasmussen, “and topped the fuel tank with a black leather strip that covers the seam, and a chrome-plated pod that’s just high enough to conceal necessary wiring and vent lines. The handlebar is a new curved drag bend that feels aggressive when you ride.”

The Street Bob Limited Edition
The Street Bob Limited Edition

Restyled for 2013, the Harley-Davidson Street Bob Limited Edition is a stripped-down and rowdy bobber based on the Harley-Davidson Dyna platform. The new model includes an upgraded 1690cc engine to deliver and an eye catching two-tone scallop colour scheme and steel laced wheels – complete with attention-grabbing red rims.

“Our focus for the Street Bob is on street appeal,” said Harley-Davidson Styling Manager Tony Pink. “This bike is for the owner who would order a muscle car with the biggest engine and no radio. As part of this restyle, we cleaned off the rear fender, ditched the battery box trim, and bolted on a classic oval air cleaner cover. The goal is to create an elemental Big Twin that a customer can define as his own.”

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