Getabout Training Services appointed as Yamaha’s ATV safety course operator

Yamaha Motor Australia has announced the appointment of Getabout Training Services as operator of YASSI – Yamaha’s ATV and SSV safety-arm.

YASSI can certify users in the safe operation of ATVs and SSVs and offers training to all ATV and SSV operators.

Getabout Training is a registered training organisation which has been running ATV and SSV training courses for a number of years, with training facilities and contractors in each state.

Spokesperson for Yamaha, Denis Roberts said the appointment is aimed at expanding ATV and SSV training nation-wide.

“ATV and SSV training is crucial to ensure the safe operation of these vehicles.

“Our aim is to make skills training available to all ATV and SSV users across the country – and not just on Yamahas.

“Getabout Training already has six qualified trainers nation-wide and plan for all their existing 42 registered trainers to deliver high quality ATV and SSV training.

“We want every customer to have access to a high standard of training,” Mr Roberts said.

General Manager of Getabout Training, Carl Eggenhuizen said the biggest challenge to overcome is making the training “more accessible” to those who operate in remote locations.

ATV and SSV users who mostly access training are from larger companies and corporate farms who are required to comply with safe work regulations.

This group is easy to address.

But many individual farmers who either don’t have the time or don’t see the value in ATV training are much harder to reach.

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