Fully waisted – Kriega R8

YOUR hips are better at carrying weight than your back is, which is why almost all top dirt bike riders carry their tools and spares in a bum or waist pack rather than in a backpack – and Kreiga’s R8 is the best I’ve ever used.

The main bag (6L capacity) is integrated into the belt and is supplied with a tool roll, has a number of pockets for small items and the main section to hold tools and spares. Then there’s the side pod (2L), which is actually removable from the belt, but is the big feature which made the Kriega a godsend for me during the Cambodian tour – it’s fully waterproof and large enough to hold nearly any camera short of a DSLR.

This meant I could stop, shoot and get going again without even removing my gloves or getting off the bike and being waterproof it kept out the creek crossings and dust. More important in a motorcycle waistbag is its fit, for it moves around when you don’t want it to it’s not just inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous.

Kriega addresses these issues by fitting an alloy buckle to get the fit right, a loop to hold when adjusting the fit and spots to tuck away loose straps. The R8 never got in my way.
This was a fantastic product during the Cambodian Tour: indeed, tour leader Jason Thatcher has one over four years old

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