Contour +2

CONTOUR is back with action cameras better suited to motorcycling than even the most high-profile names in the business.

We started using Contour cameras for Cycle Torque’s TV program and have been impressed with the shots, sound, reliability and ease of use of the Contour +2.

Mounting action cameras is a big issue. Boxy cameras are often very hard to set up so the horizon is straight – the Contour gets around this with a rotating front lens, and you can check the shot with the built-in laser sight or Bluetooth on your smartphone – which has a lot less lag than WiFi systems.

Contour’s range of mounts are great for bikes, too. We’re showing it here using the rubber strap system, which loops around almost anything, pulls tight and absorbs vibration.

Gloved hands can easily slide the big on-off switch forward to start recording.

There’s also GPS, a mic input socket, it comes with an underwater case, there’s a built-in tripod socket…

The Contour +2 is one of the best cameras around to get great motorcycling action – on your helmet, your bike, anywhere.

Availability: Good bike shops

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