Hipster Boots

HOT and wet aren’t combination we enjoy while riding, so it’s great Falco produced a boot which is built for summer as well as being stylish and comfortable too.

The new Shiro (Urban Trend) has hipster style with its high-top sneaker design, but that’s a disguise, there’s a proper short motorcycle boot built in there. Out of sight is a reinforced toe area, ankle cups, heel reinforcement, High-Tex waterproof liner and full-grain leather.

I love the way they have a zip on the inside of the boot as well as the laces – typically I’d have to pull the laces through a couple of eyelets to get this type of boot on or off, but the zip gives that extra bit of room so I don’t.

The Shiros are comfy, too – especially if the weather is warm. The other thing about Aussie summers is the rain – it comes down hard in the warmer months, so having the High-Tex liner means your feet aren’t sodden when you get off the bike.

At just under $200 the Shiros are great value. They offer lots of protection, although that protection doesn’t rise up the shin as far as a conventional motorcycle boot, so I’d recommend the Shiros for commuting, heading out to meet friends and summer cruising.

They’re available in black or brown.

Price: $199.95

Availability: Good bike shops

More info: www.ficeda.com.au

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