Cycle Torque TV, 2017 Episode 4

This episode of Cycle Torque TV includes From the Apex – a tongue-in-cheek approach to the latest motorcycle news.

This week we look at Australia’s stupid rules, which has prevented Harley trikes from being easily imported, and made it a financial decision for helmet manufacturers to invest in our market.

Now you can get a Harley trike. You can also wear ECE approved helmets without being a criminal.

Vozz helmets are now on sale and BMW is contesting the Finke Desert Race.

We test Kawasaki’s Z900.

Picko celebrates his MT-10 purchase by going on a road trip: touring with the boys on three naked bikes up the Oxley. In this episode we catch up with Ken Healey, organiser of Save The Oxley protest ride. Ken talks about the progress being made in the area.

Ace Bikes tie downs is our product pick of the week. They have a few differences in their design so they’re much more suitable for motorcycles than conventional straps.

Custom Torque visits Gasoline, and get the low-down on how to start customising your own machine.

If you can’t see the embedded video, make sure you are watching it via the Cycle Torque website.

Hope you enjoy the episode.

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