Cycle Torque TV, 2017 Episode 3

This episode of Cycle Torque TV includes From the Apex – a tongue-in-cheek approach to the latest motorcycle news.

This week we look at Johnny Rea’s attempt to win a third World Superbike title in a row, Yamaha’s Easter Kids bike promotion, we take down the Honda NM4 – perhaps the ugliest bike in the world – there’s the W250R/X rally and the Indian Chieftain Elite.

We test Yamaha’s modern retro XSR900.

Picko celebrates his MT-10 purchase by going on a road trip: touring with the boys on three naked bikes up the Oxley.

Look at Five’s ultimate touring glove – the GT2 WP, and set your preload the easy way with Motool’s Slacker.

We also catch up with a custom money bike owner – who has ridden it places most wouldn’t dream.

If you can’t see the embedded video, make sure you are watching it via the Cycle Torque website.

Hope you enjoy the episode.

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