Brookes sets fastest newcomer Lap at TT

Tyco Suzuki’s Josh Brookes completed his first-ever laps of the Mountain Circuit in the Isle of Man on Saturday night and goes into the second day of practice on Monday topping the fastest-lap leaderboard with a lap-time of 19 minutes and 45 seconds.

His 114.620 mph lap was some feat for the Australian, setting the quickest-ever newcomers lap on day one, and even though it will be surpassed by the regular front-runners on Monday night – that will include his more experienced team-mate and main contender Guy Martin – the British Superbike #2 is more-than happy with his opening laps of the TT Circuit.

Said Brookes: “The first was a controlled lap behind Milky Quayle, which was not difficult to do as you just emulate the man in front of you. The next lap on my own was really uncomfortable as it was a guessing game knowing how fast to go. There’s one thing knowing the corners – and I know them pretty well – but it’s another thing trying to judge how fast to enter them.

“I want to go as fast as I can, but I was lifting my head up over the screen like a Meercat! The next laps were like a breath of fresh air as the corners started to sink in and I was just flowing through the turns, sometimes on closed throttle, but I had no moments and I was happy with it. I know where I’m going but it looks so different at speed. It’s just a matter of getting my eyes to adjust and my brain to process the information faster. But it will come – I’m enjoying it!”

Team Manager Philip Neill: “I’ve always said and I will reiterate; there is absolutely no pressure on Josh at the TT. He’s in a unique position compared to what he is used to in BSB. Josh has his own goals, but we are not chasing any fastest newcomer records. If he likes the TT and goes on to win one in the future, no one will care if he was the fastest newcomer on his debut.

“We all have to remember it’s not just the TT but road racing that is brand-new to Josh, so I just want him to make steady and safe progress, riding within his own limits. I don’t care what his final speed is at the end of TT2013; I do not want him chasing a lap time. Those will come as he learns the circuit; and so far he is doing a good job.”

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