Arlen Ness Pro suit

I’VE been racing in an Arlen Ness H-Pro race suit for a full season now and I cannot rate it’s comfort highly enough.

I haven’t crash tested it as yet, thankfully, but I can tell you it feels full of ‘quality’.
The suit is a mixture of Kangaroo and moo-cow leather, with kevlar stretch panels allowing you a good degree of movement.
Of course it has CE armour in all the right places, and chest protection too. It’s even got extra padding for your backside.

Got to keep that tailbone intact you know. And don’t laugh, I’ve landed on mine once or twice before after exiting the bike at stage left.
The leathers come with a hydration pack which fits inside the hump behind your neck, and I’ve used it for endurance races.

Arlen Ness might be better known for parts to customise your chopper but besides the leathers I’ve also been race testing their gloves and boots. I can tell you they make great stuff.

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