Honda’s adventurous Africa Twin

HONDA is back in the adventure game, bringing back the CRF1000L Africa Twin, one of its most popular adventure bike names ever.


The 2016 model will have a 1000cc V-twin engine, but instead of being based on the V-twin Varadero power plant, itself developed from the VTR1000 sports engine from the mid 1990s, the new Africa Twin will use a parallel twin cylinder engine. But it will have a 270 degree crank set up, mimicking a V-twin in sound and feel.

It’s also using a six speed gearbox but with the shift-cam design from the CRF250R/450R models, with the option of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology for adventure.

The DCT features the standard manual mode, allowing the rider to shift gears through a handlebar trigger, as well as two automatic modes. According to Honda, ’D’ mode offers a good balance of fuel economy and comfort cruising, while ‘S’ mode has been revised to give extra levels of sports performance, with three different shift patterns to choose from: S1, S2 and S3.

The DCT technology has also been customised for the Africa Twin, with a ‘G’ switch on the right side of the instrument panel improving traction and machine control by reducing clutch slip. The new system also features incline detection, which adapts the gear shift pattern to match to the grade of incline, aiding overall control.

Then there’s the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system offers three levels of control, while the rider is also able to turn off the ABS system for the rear wheel. Phew!

Honda hasn’t had a true big bore adventure bike for some time now. Maybe the Africa Twin will love up to hype. We hope so. It will be in showrooms in 2016 but there’s no word on exactly when or how much it will be.

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