Adventure Lid – LS2 MX-453

AN ADVENTURE trip wouldn’t be complete without stretches of bitumen, lots of dirt and some challenging riding – we got all that in Cambodia, in spades. I’d gone there with a new helmet, an LS2 MX453 adventure helmet.

It looks the part with the extended MX-style chin piece and fully ventilation and large peak, but the road duties are looked after with a full visor, too. Some of the trip I wore the LS2 just using the visor, but when it got dusty I could easily fit my Oakley goggles to keep the dust out of my eyes.

Construction of the MX453 is fibreglass tricomposite and the lining was easily removed and washed when I returned home.
The LS2 proved comfortable and great to use, although the extended chin piece – which is great in that it allows lots of airflow around your chin and mouth to keep you cool – also means the shape of the visor is heavily curved where it meets the helmet, which means you get a little bit of distortion if you use the visor about halfway down.

The LS2 MX453 fits into the market at a mid-price point, and I think it offers good value for money.

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