A Victory sales ‘boom’?

Polaris Industries Australia and New Zealand has issued a press release saying “industry commentators are surprised” Victory motorcycles has enjoyed record sales since the announcement it ceased production in January.

According to the press release:

Both February and March were two of the largest sales months the Victory Motorcycles brand has ever experienced in Australia. Whilst the road market declined by 17.2% in February, the Victory Motorcycles brand was the only brand to grow significantly with a 44 per cent increase.

Polaris says “motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle collectors and investors have been buying up motorcycles across the range.”

Victory country manager, Peter Harvey said the marque is “seeing a mixture of bargain hunters who are after a great bike at a great price but we are also seeing people who believe the collectability of these bikes will result in longer term value.”

Keep in mind that Victory positioned itself in Australia as the largest unit selling volume outside of North America – which may well be true – but is it misleading?

Let’s take a look at the 44 per cent sales boom.

The fact is Victory didn’t live up to it’s expectations, it sold roughly 2583 motorcycles in Australia from day dot to the day it ceased production.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industry’s latest available figures show Victory sold 274 motorcycles in 2016.

At almost 23 bikes a month, Victory’s sales boom represents roughly 10 more bikes being sold in February.

It may seem like we are giving Victory a pretty rough time, but the sentiment is true largely speaking: now has never been a better time to buy a Victory.

They are great bikes: the level of fit and finish is as good as you will get; they perform well, there never really has been any doubt over that. So if you buy a new Victory you can be assured that the current line-up of bikes is as good as ever.

And the savings will never be repeated. Like, ever.

Polaris is providing 10 years of Victory factory and dealer support, which is about as good as you will get for any new cruiser.

Cycle Torque is certainly not surprised Victory is selling more bikes, but let’s be honest.

It’s a fire sale.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Potential collectors need to keep in mind that not enough people wanted them in the first place, that’s why they decided to stop producing them.

Hyping the bikes up to potential buyers as collectors’ items may not be the best way of getting rid of what’s left.

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